InfoFrescos are large format info graphics –hand drawn by me. I use the InfoFrescos in my consultations and workshops to give participants a quick clear and efficient overview of topics and projects.

In addition, art repro prints hang on the walls of my customers’ innovation rooms, hallways and boardroom floors. Thus, the InfoFrescos create a large sustainability in innovation projects and make a fundamental contribution to the important informal learning of an organization.

From time to time, people pause before the big pictures and embark on great learning journeys. One has the impression there are always new things and aspects to discover", is a sentence often heard.


The "Universe of Innovation" InfoFresco provides an overview of all well-known and relevant sub-themes related to "Innovation".

It contains more than 250 important terms and know-how appetizers on the subjects perception and observation, problem determination, inspiration, Lateral Thinking, Creative Mindset, creativity techniques, ideation, idea enrichment idea filtering and evaluation, fighting for ideas, trends, Business Model Generation, Design Thinking, Incremental Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, innovation management, implementation, innovation strategy, Open Innovation, innovation controlling, innovation coaching,Visual Facilitating, change, obstacles and barriers, innovation culture and creative space. 


Signed and limited 1:1 art repro prints of the InfoFrescos are available.

These repro prints were produced in a size of 2.25m x 1.1m, printed on 230g/sqm special litho paper (matt, warm white).

The original works were drawn with ink, pastel crayons and chalk. All contents and texts are in English language.

By naming his works "InfoFreskos", Benno van Aerssen shows that he draws on the family tradition. He is part of the seventh German generation of an old Italian church painter family, who immigrated to Germany in 1747.

His ancestors used to paint large pictures ontochurch walls to get something across to many people – he carries on this tradition, just the walls have changed.


The "Design Thinking ++" InfoFresco visualizes the Design Thinking innovation method from its origins to today. It describes Design Thinking in more than 200 picturesque aspects so the viewers quickly get an overview of the method.


The Discovery of Innovation InfoFresco also provides approx. 200 information units. It summarizes all currently known success factors as well as the obstacles on the path to innovation. It uses the great explorers of our time as metaphors and displays especially the key success factors to their great discoveries.